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Coaching Services

I am a guided lifestyle coach and an intuitive. I have been on a spirtual quest for about thirty years. In addition, I am trained in the core competencies of life coaching. I use skillfull means including the art of reflection, powerful questions, and knowledge of the change process to deepen your awareness, increase your connection to source energy, and live the best version of yourself. Find the service below that appeals to you and schedule an appointment.

Individual Guided Lifestyle Coaching Session

No matter where you are now you can enjoy a better tomorrow.


These sessions will open you to a different way to live. You will find your gifts. Become aware of. and trust your inner signals. Take responsibility for your life. Empower your choices and actions. Remain accountable.

Medium Session

Converse with the other side and connect with your deceased loved ones. Discover the messages they have for you.


These sessions are helpful, loving and well timed. It is also comforting to hear from your deceased loved ones and have them answer your questions.




Guided Lifestyle Work Groups

Create the life you want. Maximize your personal and professional potential.

These work goups will be offered to align, experience and practice ways to access, strengthen and follow your guidance. Access your true self and empower your life.

Angel Reading

It is important to feel connected and it is comforting to know that you are not alone. 


Angel Readings are a great reminder. We connect with the Angels, your guides and/or your higher self to receive messages that assist you with your intentions or inquiries for the session. The goal is for you to leave the session with an elevated perspective and feeling supported by the universe.



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