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Fred Haas

My mission is to reflect light so you can remember who you are, see your magnificence and Illuminate the world with it.
I spent a large portion on my life hiding my light. I had it covered with all sorts of protections to keep me safe. Unfortunately, these protections also left me miserable because they hid my authentic self. I was wearing a life that did not fit me, and it became increasingly uncomfortable.
Eventually I was reminded why I came here and I was free to pursue the life that fits me best.  I began to see a pathway through the blocks that had previously been such mountainous obstructions. I opened up to the availability of new possibilties and I was able to act on them.
I also learned that I that I am not alone in this.  I have unlimited support of the universe. That was such a relief! I was able to replace the story I had about myself that "I am alone and this is all up to me."
I wish everyone the freedom and peace of finding themselves again. I also wish you the relief on living in a connected life where all your answers are available to you.
I can walk this path alongside you. You too can find yourself again, remember who you are and live the life you are meant to live.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Professional information


I am trained as a civil engineer and I have spent over 30 years doing engineering work. I owned my own engineering company for over twenty years and I worked on many fun and memorable projects. However, even though I was good and successful at this work, it became clearer as the years marched on that I was really here to do something else.


I was feeling trapped by my "success" though and I could not let it go because I could not imagine what would replace it, or even, how it could possibly be replaced.

I have been trained as a coach, an intuitive and an energy healer, and have been doing this work, the work I was meant to do, since 2010.


Besides my work with clients, I teach coaching at Crossroads Recovery Coaching and I am the past President of the Board of Directors for Recovery Coaches International.

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