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I am THAT I am-Engage all THAT, and be who you are

This is a program that helps us connect with ourselves and re-engage tools that we have either

remained unaware of, misused and abandoned or ignored.

The program is experiential in nature. We engage all of these tools by using guided meditations so that we can get some practice using them, and increase our skill and understanding.

The program is in four parts.  We suggest you spend at least a week using each meditation. So we will release a new part every 7 to 10 days to give you the opportunity to thoroughly work with the current part.

The first part is "Connecting with Yourself."

The second part is "Connecting with your Energy."

The third part is "Connecting with your Intuition."

And the fourth part is "Connecting with your higher self - I am THAT I am"

Sign up in the box below to access your program, and get notifications for the release of each part. Also, we will appraise you of any follow-up programs that provide you with more opportunity to discover and practice new skills, and hopefully, take you deeper.

Thanks for participating.  I hope you enjoy this program, and I hope that it makes a difference in the quality of your life. As with all your work, try and stay amused!



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